Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dauphine, work in progress

Every woman would love to have a life as Marie-Antoinette did, for she was the most fashionable Queen in History. Having your head chopped off isn't so bad, when you compare it to a full life of elegance and luxury.

I saw several of her portraits and busts while visiting France. This encouraged me to paint her as well, I have always admired her taste and extravagance. Also, I have become fascinated with her features of a strong slightly bumped nose, big puffy blue eyes, and full oval half double - chinned neck. Her cupid bow lips sit inbetween those quirky parts, and I think she just makes beautiful sense.

I always start off rough and loose.
Acrylic on board 20 x 26 in.

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Victorytea said...

hey grace, can you cut my hair? I'm doing a performance piece with a friend where I'm going to be working in a speak easy and I need to have my hair cut to look like a flapper.